today i was planning to write something in this blog,
but i have no idea, what do i want to write or review, so i decide to re-edit some of my post, but then in the middle doing that, my brother came in to my room and he gave a peckage, and i was thinking, what is this? i didn't expect any package! 
and then when i open it, i saw my KAO PRETTIA! YEY!
i Pre-order it and on the website they mention it will take 10-14 days but it's only take 1 week! one FREAKING WEEK!
so i'm so happy then i know what to write in this post :D

 the color is  ROYAL BROWN

the result is!the color so beautiful! AND I IN LOVE WITH IT!

 On Proses :D

 indoor + flash

 direct sunlight

PS : if you want get a max result you have to massage your hair often
and do it from the bottom to the top. take like 45 min, then layer it again (if you get any exta) the again massage it the walla you got the color that you want :D


  1. mau tanya dong,,ini kalo di ruangan biasa coklat tua bgt apa agak merah? :)

  2. Hallo Miss Lie :).
    jatohnya di ruangan coklat terang, ga kemerahan,
    mirip sama warna di foto yang indoor + flash

  3. chel, ini noa dari gurl.me, kamu rontok gak pas pake prettia ini? soalnya aku cat rambutku pake loreal rambutku rontok (entah krn aku coba panjangin rambut *sebelumnya selalu seleher rambutku*, kering atau gara2 gara2 cat)

  4. Noa, aku ga rontok kok pas pake si Kao Prettia ini. mungkin juga karena keberatan (ga biasa panjang), kamu panjangin jadi rontok gitu, kalu cat sih pasti bikin rambut rusak dan kering makanya harus ada perawatan rambut min harus pake conditioner, tapi aju pake si Kao ini ga rusak" amat rambutnya :D


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