Look What I found at local Drug Store !!

last weekend i spend it with my family, and we went to mall, my nephew wants to buy toys since they got lot of money for CNY! oh im so jealous of the, T_T. so anyway i went to this drugstore and i dont know why i just went the too see is there anything i can buy :), then i found this:

Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil

Nair Hair Removal Cream

Tsubaski Shampoo 

this is just a brand new item in Guardian Drug store and im really happy that now my local drug store has it :D
i think this product available at Singapore and Sasa!

about the price? more cheaper than Facebook online shop! trust me !!


  1. where drugstore did you find it?? :D

  2. chell, thanks for writing this article, im on a search to find tsubaki shampoo. i hope these stuffs avaiable at nearest mall also. ;)


  3. @hanna,
    you welcome
    i did search it at other guardians
    but they dont have it :(..
    if you do not find it, i can buy it for you :D


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