do you guys  remember about the giveaway that i post Here? about  giveaway for her *300 follower!!
im enter this Contest, and i cant believe now that i WON! yes I WON! and i was like OMG i won
i cant believe it until now! haha! so here's the story how i react when i know i won :

yesterday i was up until around 4am in the morning and i forced my self to sleep, then i fell a sleep
and around 12.00pm my mom woke me up, she asked me to turn off my sister AC room, and i still feel sleepy and i don't wanna wake up, but then i remember i have to go out to buy some dress today, than i wake up and checking my blackberry there's a lot of notification, from email, BBM, FB!
then i open all my BBM message then i continue to my Email with sleepy eyes *only open 1 eye actually*
then i saw some notification from forum and THEN! i saw this

when i say those message then i GASP loudly! i was shocked and i jumped and open my eyes so i can read the message clearly! and then i cant sleep again! i was to happy to shock! i cant describe it! but im happy!!!

thank you to polishfreshie for the giveaway, thank you for this opportunity, thanks
i cant stop say thank you to you!!! really appreciated it!!

you make my day!!


  1. Yay I'm glad I made your day! Thanks for following =X

  2. haha, and i cant stop smiling whet isee you email im happy :D

  3. Congrats! i know u must be super super happy and those prize looks amazing! :)

  4. @YoannitaL, Thank you :) oh yeah im really happy about that, specially the HK nail polish! also they all in blue color!! im blue lover


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