Clair's Mood Nail Polish


good afternoon!! couple days ago i just swatch my Clair's Mood Nail Polish, i had this polish around 1 month and i don't have any chance to use it, because im to busy trying out all my new polish and im in a lil bit not in mood using this polish. but how ever i finally decided to wear it! 

 this is what you got after you applied it, at first time i cant really see the gradation even when i took this picture, and the after i transfer it to my laptop there i can see the gradation!

this is was 3 coats and with top coat! dry time was fast for thick 3 coats. it's a sheer nail polish
this is purple with silver glitter and it's so beautiful! 

 and it's turn beautiful pink in warm weather! and i love this kinda pink! it's not make my hands look dirty and dull, because most of pink nail polish or ponk color will make me look dull and it's YUKS!
but i like this kind pink!


  1. Where can you buy that mood changing nail polish? Want one so bad!

  2. @Roxy, i asked my friends to buy this polish when she was at US :)


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