The Re-make Nail Art

a few weeks ago i saw emerald sparkled blog, she did a Berlin Manicure and i think it's look so cute and i wanted to made one of her mani, i did try the mardi grass but i failed! bohoho! so i decided to copy her nail art the Berlin with the cute little bear :)

Sorry for crappy cuticle, it was my acrylic seal, i try to peel it

this is my first Bear, is it look like a dog? and on the ring finger i try to make a bow, but it's end up like a bone, hahaha..

the only comment that i got from my boyfriend was "why you wear many colors on your nail?"..

so hope you like it :D


  1. This is great! I love the little bears! I want to try the bears as well...Deniz is so talented!

  2. Varnish Vixen, Thank you, you should try this nail art, it's fun, specially when u make the bear, thanks for coming to my blog :)

  3. haha i had to look twice when i saw the bears since i think they look just like the bears in one of my previous manicures :-D (link to a picture below). Respect for doing so many, i had the time and nerves to do only two =D

  4. AnnaP, hahaha, i cant draw so there's my teddy bear, some of my friends this it's a dog! Your teddy looks so cute!!!

    kayla, thank you, :D


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