BerryM Instant Nail *New Color*

so you guys must have seen this alot every where in blogger nail junkie! this is the brand new color from Berrym after they launch with the Black crack polish now the release the 3 new colors they are white, pink and blue.

some people says that this crack polish not really good as the China glaze or OPI, i dont know for sure becasue i only have the OPI black shatter and BerryM black instant nail effect for now, form what i learn with this polish are they have different technique to apply and get the good shatter effect. and i'll talk about the barrymM later on this post.

so here's the swatch that i took yesterday.

if you want to look like this pink shatter you only have to use a light shatter on our brush and just swipe it and dont use any pressures  on the brush, then you'll get this tiny crack, which i dont like it.

so here's some tips if you want to get big chuck of shatter with this BerryM nail polish you have really apply it with thick coat and a lil bit pressure  on the brush and you'll get that kind of shatter in my 2 last pict.

so hopefully this is help and you love it :D have a great day!!


  1. Hi Chell,

    I've looked all over your site for an email address and I can't find one! I noticed that in this post:
    You bought a sleek safari palette from an etailer, but when I visited her shop, it's not in English and I can't read it, lol. Does she ship internationally? Would you mind gtting in touch with me so we can talk?

  2. Aww thank you so much for your comment Chell! I'm so happy you like zebra print nail design!

    Your work is also sooo soo pretty!!

    Keep the good work!
    xo Adriana

  3. @Adriana, your welcome Hon :D


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