Bundle Mosnter Plates and Review

i already tweet this earlier today or yesterday in my time zone, i just got my bundle monster plats yesterday afternoon! i didnt expect it's gonna arrive in my door step until next week, because i've been checking the tracking everyday and everytime i open my email, and there's no update and suddenly it's arrived!! so it's only take about 8 days i ordered it at 5 May and it's arrived at 13 May afternoon!

i was really happy today i've been dying to get this plate and i've been crazy because my 1st account at amazon wont sing in so i've been mumbling to other blogger which is i think she's think im crazy now, im sorry  Julie AKA prettyfulz because the rude email :). and thanks toSammy AKA nailasaurus because she give me other way to purchased this BM

soo here's my Bundle Monster

OPI Funky Dunky + BM 205 *CHG Something sweet*

shat i learn from this Plates is or maybe you can use any nail polish for the stamping image, unlike Konad you have to use specific or special nail polish.
i really like this BM because they've got a lot of image and i do really love it! but the minus is i dont really like buy it in sets, because i dont really like the french tip image, im not good at it so i might not use it.

so i was very happy with this :D


  1. wah rapi bgt!!! kereeenn...aku pgn belajar nail art tp ga bisa2 :p

    i'll follow your blog dear :D

  2. @Nissa, thanks beljar dari youtube :) thanks for following :)


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