Nfu Oh #51

hellow ladies, how are you?? hope you are just fine :D

i still in progress with my feeling and this crazy time with my self, but im feeling better after i received my Nfu oh nail polish from one of my high school friend, she was heading back to Indonesia so i asked her to help me bring this polish to me, and she say yes and she was just arrived at Indonesia about 5 days ago, so i just have time to go at her place and take this polish home and try them out, and i really impressed with this.

so today i chooses Nfu Oh #51 this is the purple flackies nail polish which is so AMAZING! i was so happy when i applied this and see different colors with different lightning and im just so super duper excited and just make me feel happy again!

This is a purple base with AMAZING flackies, this is a sheer nail polish but if you have a short nail 2 thick coats will be just fine for your nails, but if you have long nails like me you'll need 4 coats but! i dont freaking mind about 4 coats nail polish! it's totally worth it!! im dying to get more this polishes.


on this picture i used about 4 coats each nail but in some picture you can see my VNL but in IRL it's cover all nails and you wont see the VNL! 

and on these picture i tooked it under my sister vanity lamp, so hopefully you guys can see the blue at the end of the nail there also you can see a lil bit of green-ish color there. so much easier  to see it in IRL.

so im in love again and was impressed by this polish and i cant believe i didn't want to buy this polish long time ago! i feel like i was a stupido! but now i lemming other color :( specially the Holos! but every time i checked their website it's always sold out!!

so hope you guys can feel how happy i am now to have this polish :D

have a great day



  1. Nfu Oh flakies is clearly to die for..but..just can't stand with their odor..they smell like rubber or oil or something which reduce my love for them..

  2. @Si Poe, yes the flakeis are die for specially the holo! also agree with you with the smell, but i stil love this polish. i love the bottle unique


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