Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle Nail Polish

how are you lovely ladies?
so how was your weekend? mine was normal and nothing special :D. today post is gonna be the Skin food nail polish! i really wanted to swatch all of my pedicure sparkle BUT! i hate to remove it while the polish still wet, because the glitter will be all over my nail fingers!

now i present to you the Skin Food Pedicure sparkle #04. the polish doesn't have any name like OPI or other brand. i think all the Korean nail polish came with number only like BL001 or RD012. and like this Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle the name only #04.

Skin Food Pedicure sparkle #04

 This was 2 coats and with out any top coat or base coat, as you can see this nail polish almost like foil look. this this is a green with silver and olive shimmer in it! so sparkly and beautiful! the only minus is the drying time also i think this polish is not free big 3.

other than that i really love this polish brand and this line very sparkly and beautiful :)

have a good day :)


  1. this is a really nice polish color...was it hard to remove?

  2. @ShortWideNails, not really, the only problem if you remove it with Rub motion the sparkle will stay on your finger until you wash your nails :) it's not like the glitter polish.


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