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hi all lovely follower and reader, i would like to make a announcement, i'll be out for family trip on 1 - 8 September 2011, that's mean i can't do a blog post because i wont bring my laptop or even get an internet connection there. so with this i would like to invite you to be my guest in my blog post.

the content is really up to you but please beauty related, review product, nail art or a tutorial i'll accept it all. but most important is i'll link all back to you all credit will goes to you. so far i already got 3 volunteer so i still need 5 people to fill the spot :).

i know it's last minute, i was too afraid to contact the other blogger, afraid that they think im weird until yesterday i push my self to contact a few people through twitter. and im so happy that they want to do this, so thank you so much for you who already join this :).. 

you can leave a comment here or you can send me you post content to my email ochel(_)la(at)hotmail(dot)com.

have a great day :)


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