Biore Marshmallow whip facial wash

so today im going to share with you my new love from Biore. i know this is not nail polish related, but as you can see in my previous post my nail to short and so ugly *i cant make them square like usual* so for now until i can reshape them i'll post about makeup related.

i got this when i was in Singapore, i dont know if this is can be use for my face, because i try the wet wipes for make up remover and i got tons of pimples and white head. so i decided to buy this and see how it works with me.

so what it is a facial wash it's a foam with  collagen which i think it's perfect for face. im totally in love with this, because i don't have to use make up remover or cleansing oil. it did remove all foundation can you believe it? and it's soft and smell good.

and here's after i wash my dirty face after a day at campus

so here's after i wash my face + neck, see it raise the remaining foundation. 

for me i only need 1 pumps for the whole face, and pnly one pump it's enough to remove all my make up, so how cool is that!!!! 

so have you try this? and what do you think?


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