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This Is my 2nd  day at Singapore, and here's my 2nd Guest post, meet Emma from UK, she is one of the lovely ladies who wanted to do this guest post here. so definitely check her blog imaginationincolour.

Hi everyone,  I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to Chell for kindly letting me do a guest post on here :D Thank you!

I have a little nail art tutorial for you today - I’m sure many of you will have seen this before but in case you haven’t - it’s a really quick, simple way to brighten up a 3-day old manicure that’s starting to fade at the tips.

You will need:
·         Sellotape/Sticky tape/Scotch tape - take your pick as all will work!
·         A base colour (here I’m using Purple Rain by Marks & Spencer)
·         A colour for the stripes (I’m using Your Majesty by Rimmel London)
·         A topcoat (I’m using Rimmel London Pro Superwear)
·         A cotton wool bud dipped in nail polish remover for cleanup

Here we go!

1.       Ensure your base colour is totally dry - i.e. it will not dent or smudge and it is solid when you tap it.

2.       Cut some thin strips of Sellotape (or sticky tape or Scotch tape) trying to keep the edges totally straight. The strips I use here are about 5mm wide by about 2cm long.

3.       Stick the strips of Sellotape to the nail, trying to keep the gaps between them of even width and angle. Make sure the strips of Sellotape are stuck down tight to the nail, with no air bubbles as this will affect the straightness of the lines.

4.       Paint one coat of your chosen stripe colour over the whole nail (this is why the Sellotape must be tight to the nail). Wait until the polish is totally dry. 

5.       If it needs a second coat to make it opaque then add a second coat. Again, wait until the polish is totally dry - this is very important.

6.       Once the polish is completely dry, peel the bit of tape off gently, and you will be left with perfectly straight stripes!

7.       Use a cotton wool bud dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the excess polish around the nail.

8.       Add one coat of topcoat to smooth out the level of the stripes so your nail is even. And your manicure is done!

Hopefully this will be of use to you - it’s a perfect manicure for holidays and parties, particularly around Christmas-time! As you can see mine is a bit wonky as I didn’t leave the polish to dry for long enough, but it looks fine as long as you don’t look too closely! And of course you can use Sellotape in this way for lots of other things too - French tips, horizontal or vertical stripes, even waves and half moon manicures if you cut the tape into the right shape!

Thank you again to Chell for letting me do this tutorial :D

Emma :) xxx


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