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This is my last guest post :) and i would like to say thank you to you girls for doing this blog post for me :)  
thank you to Lindsey for doing this post :D

Hi bloggers!

We are the girls behind Lusting Over Lacquers, Brielle and Lindsey. We are best friends who share a lot of things and one of those things is our love for nail polish. Our post is going to be on transitioning your nails from summer to fall! We live in the middle of the US, so fall is coming whether or not we want it. We want to thank Shella for giving us this opportuinity to do a guest blog post! Now on with the polish!! First will be Brielle's and then Lindsey's.

Long time, no painting of the nails!

I am a HUGE lover of fall. I love everything about it, changing leaves, FOOTBALL games!!, colder weather, everything. Fall is my all time favorite time of year. 

Summer for my nails is all about bright colors, and flashy nails. Well, transitioning into fall is always fun for me, but also pretty silly since I wear darks and colors all year round. But during the weeks going from hot to cooler weather, I like browns, oranges, and nudes, of course. 

Today, I decided on a bronze polish. It's OPI's Brisbane Bronze. A gorgeous shimmery bronze that just looks fabulous for fall. It's application and wear are fantastic and it's a really impressive consistency, all it really needs is one good coat, but I usually do two, just because it's habit. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall like I am! It was 96 degrees on Friday and now it's Monday and it's 67! Crazy! 

Happy Football Season!

Although I'm a summer girl by heart, fall is a nice change once it comes. The cooler weather, the beautiful leaves, and of course the darker, richer nail colors! Typically for fall I like purples, reds, darker pinks, and nudes....but I tend to throw in some brighter colors from time to time just to mix things up a bit!

Today's NOTD is BYOBoy by Sephora by OPI.
Hope you enjoyed and thank you again Shella for letting us post!


  1. This is also a shade I always pull out come fall as a go to. It was one of my early true following the seasons and changing my polish to suit them shades. I still have my original black label of this one. I too love fall, fav season - but where I live now it only is a change of light - not a ton of changes and we stay warmish until Nov - so shorts are in one day - jeans the next. But fall I always think of the days I lived in VT - now there is a place that really knows fall. I fear VT is going to hurt for tourism this fall however due to all the road damage, esp along Hwy 100 and 7 which lead into my fav areas of the Gr. Mts. Wishing all my Vermonter friends well.


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