NYX Lips Pencil Review

hi everyone how are you today? hope you guys doing fine!

so today i have the NYX slim lip pencil liner, yes they are my 1st pencil liner i ever have, yes i don't like wearing lipstick or even lip gloss then why me buy this lip pencil? the only answer is because now i learn to wear lipstick *nude color only*, sometimes if i wear a nude lipstick by it self, it'll look so awkward so i decided to buy this lip pencil as the base.

so here's the swatch on my lips :)

my bare lips

Natural, it's almost look the same like my lips in IRL. this is a pink brown color.

Tangerine, is a pink tangerine color with shine into it *perfect for nude lipstick*

hope you have a wonderful day 


  1. Thanks for the write up on this lip liner. I really like to use one to fill in as you did. But nothing ever wears well - a good nude is really hard to find. I am tried of trying them at $15 a pop and getting zero results. I will see if they have this shade at a CVS about 60 miles from here (I live in the stixs with zero shopping other than the grocery store and local services.


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