Twin Post With Marta It's PERIDOT!

so i am so excited about this post, and i've been waiting for the right time to use this Chanel Nail Polish that i got at Singapore. i twit pict it after i landed at my country, and Marta from chit chat nails respond my twit and asking about this Chanel. and i told her that i wont use it and i might sell it haha. and then she told me she'll get this polish on her birthday at 21 September *Happy Birthday to you love!!!*
then i asked her to do a blog post and she want to! im suppery dupper happy at that moment! so then we schedule when we'll post this twin post. 

*make sure you go to her blog and check her blog and her swatch! chitchatnails *

so here's my Chanel Peridot

 Chanel Peridot is a gold with green base in it. in some lighting you can see a little bit of blue in it. but mostly you see green or olive gold color. this was 2 coats each nail but if you have a good steady hand one coat will be just fine. do i need say more about this polish? this is a freakin awesome nail polish! im in love with this polish! i dont have any problem applying this, i love the brush and the formula.

more picture?

so i hope you like my swatch and my team up with Marta, hope you have a great week end 


  1. Chell!!! This colour looks stunning on you shorter nails! :)
    Thank you for your sweet words and for keeping this polish because of me! I think it is worth having despite the high $$$
    You photos are AMAZING!!! Very color accurate!
    High five to your twin-post :)
    This is SOOO FUN!

  2. Beautiful! This is such a lovely shade on your skintone!

  3. Chanel Peridot looks strikingly beautiful on your nails! :) Thanks for sharing your photos. You really captured it well!

  4. @ Marta,i love your swatch plus manicure!
    thanks for doing this twin post :D..
    high five!

    @Meli, thanks you. it is beautiful

    @Swatch and lern, thank you im glad that you liked it:D


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