Sigma Brush Review

hi guys, how are you today?
so last month i ordered a sigma brush from their web here, and i wanted to try other brush from sigma and also to complete my collection. so i choose 3 brush from Sigma
i choose :
- Sigma Duo Fibre  - F50
- Sigma Small Contour - F65
- Sigma Pencil - E30

i really wanted to try the angled brush but i don't know why i didn't buy it, but i promise i'll buy it next time.

so here's the review and picture

Sigma Duo Fibre  - F50, i've been using this for applying my foundation and i really love it. this quiet big, so that's good for applying foundation. i love the finish look when i use this brush, my face look flawless.

Sigma Small Contour - F65, im in love with this brush! this is perfect for contouring or apply blush. it's supper soft. i've been using this for applying my blush and contour sometimes.

Sigma Pencil - E30, this brush too big for my eyes, so i cant used it as a pencil brush. but other than that i still love this brush, because it soft.

over all i really enjoy purchasing sigma brush, none of them turns me down. the quality is very good, the handle a little bit heavy but i dont mind. i totally recomended this brush for you.

if you live at Indonesia you can purchased this brush from makeup brush, i recomended her because the service was good and fast, also she giving cheap prices.

have a great day xoxo


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