I Won a Makeup Competition

i dont try to brag or show off to all my reader that i won a make up competition. but still i want to share the good news. ever since i like nail art and make up my parent kinda not support me. my mom always say's that my make up is too much, even i only used a face powder and a light blush on, which in my case is like im not putting any make up on. and sometimes i do smokey eye and she said it was scary. do you guys remember that i joined a make up contest from make up forever? it was green and blue and still she said it was scary, but my sister and my aunt said it was good. i know my mom love me but sometimes her comment broke my heart and my passion.
in nail art my dad said it was just a junk, "you not gonna be rich by doing that and you wasting your time". again all i can do is listen and go to my room crying. i know it's stupid.

than last week my sister was taking her pre-wedding photo shoot, and she send me her make up look and honestly for me it's look scary and to dark for a bridal thing. since my mom always say's dont put to much dark color, it made you look older. but i was shock when she said that my sister make up not scary and it was good!  all i can do is pissed off with her and i do think want to sell al my make up stuff.

then until last week on Friday i got the news that i won the make up competition and i am the 1st winner, and i couldn't believe it. i was hoping im going to win, but never ever think that i'll be the 1st winner which really make my day and week.

i know it's inpolite but i really want to say  to her "see i won and i prove to you my make up just fine and you better shut the hell up and support me". but i cant say it outloud to her, it'll only hurt her filling. and now im fine and happy, i prove to both of them that im not doing something useless. 

oke so here's the make up look that i submitted to the make up contest, and most of it was inspired make up look.

so sorry for the super long story! but i win hope you like my FOTD contest :D have a good day


  1. dont be sorry. it is nice sometimes to sharing some of your actual feeling. Congratulations for  winning the contest :) and love the makeup looks you created. Maybe someday your parents would understand with what you are doing now, and accept what they want you to be doesnt mean that it would be the best place for your future! :) and also i just created new makeup blog, come visit if you like yoannitalikes.blogspot.com

    i had to subscribe your blog via email, since your updated posts never showing up on my blog list. i dont know why :( 


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