Match Match out fit and nails

oh god i really miss blogging! and it's feel like ages  since my last post on my blog.
im sorry to all my reader and follower. still looking a good time to fix my camera.

so about 2 weeks ago or so i did a manicure which match to my shirt or swaeter. i got this forever 21 leopard sweater in January, i bought it for my chinese new years out fit.
then i think i wanted to have a matching out fit and nails. and it turns out so cute tho and i love it so muchh!!
product i used  :

zoya Dove for the base *i think i kinda forgot*
Zoya jules
OPI You Don't know Jacques

sorry for the creepy picture of me


  1. You always good in using nail polish Shella! I always mess up with my nails after they've been painted.. ^^ Did you do self-manicure? If yes, WOOOW!

  2. Awesome colour >.< love it

  3. I love matching my nails to my clothes too. I love that shirt, and the nails go great with it!

  4. hey thank, this is new to me and i think im gonna do something like this more often :D

  5. ah thank you Carryn! i was like that always ruined my painting too and i still do sometimes haha.. yes i did all manicure by my self :D

  6. Gorgeous! This might be the next animal print colour combo I do! Lovely!


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