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hellow beauty and polish lover! so how are you today?

MakeUp Tools is a beauty supply shop, they sold make up brush, eye lash, brush cleanser, brush book, brush holder etc. my top favorite product from MUT is their brush cleanser , the cleansing brush so amazing, you have to get this one, also the cleansing brush is cheap, they have two size in 50ml  cost for 3 $ and 100ml only for 7$. 

so a while ago Makeup tools, having a drawing for her customer who send or tag their picture of product the bought from MUT or using the product from them. i am a big fan of MUT. the best thing about MUT is that their service! the owner is Jenny who also run a blog here she is a sweet person, and  she will answer all your question. so what i winning from them is a Voucher IDR 50.000 for purchasing any items on their website *except sleek product*, which is cool and i need some of their product at the moment.

so here's what i bought from them :

Eyelash mix box B. here's another cool thing they offer to us. they sold a lot eyelash there, mostly you buy 1 box which contains 10 pair of them. but like me sometimes i dont need that many lashes for one type. so their make a 3 type of mix box so you can have different eyelash in one box. 

Brush Book, this might be the most wanted product on their website, it always out of stock. i waited this product about a month until they back in stock. they come with two color black and pink. this is the hard decision for me. i dont like pink but im bored with black, so i ask my friends which color i should buy, and most of them tell me to buy the pink, because black is so boring. and it;s true! so i decided to buy the pink one.

you might think the brush book is small if you see it from my picture, but in real life they look so BIG! yes BIG, i know this brush book is big, many people talk about it, but when i get mine i wash in shock! the brush book is bigger than i tought. the brush book price is IDR 150.000 or 16$.

i do really like the brush book, but it looks so plain for the cover, i have a project for that cover. i'll let you know what im going to do with that cover!

PS : if you want the brush book go ahead buy this! if you are outside from Indonesia, i think you still can get this brush book, just email them and ask about international shipping price!!


  1. Susah banget contact BBmu... where's your FB shop?
    Tolong hubungin FB ku ya roxy rockstar.



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