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Hi lovely readers, how are you? today i would like to share with you a new product from L'occitane. i bet you guys already know what is L'occitane well if you don't i'll tell you a little bit about this company.

L'occitane was found at 1976 by Olivier Baussan.  he develop a skin care product based on nature. and L'Occitane is one of the company who don't or reduce a usage of Paraben. L'Occitane is offer a skin care product from head to toe and for men and women they also have a range of make up.

so last Friday L'occitane invited me to attend they beauty event with the other blogger. they want to introduce a new additional range of they new skin care called Angelica. well Angelica was release a year ago, and Angelica is a skin care for woman start form age 25 years, but if you under 25 you still can use this skin care product.

actually Angelica is a plant that has a magic, which this plant can grow up to 2 meters in couple of weeks!  this plant has a remarkable vitality and is a true expert in hydration, so that's why L'occitane choose this plant for their skin care product.

on 2011 they release a daily skin care product they are :

L-R :
Face Toner, Cleansing Gel, Eye Roll, Hydration Creme and Protective Lotion SPF 15

so this year on 18 June 2012 they will add 3 additional complimentary skin care product they are :

Instant Hydration Mask, Exfoliation Gel, Hydration Face Mist

what i like from this new additional product is that, they give you an instant effect and instant treatment. you only need to spare 5 - 10 minute for this treatment. and you can used the Hydration Mask and Exfoliation Gel 3- 4 times a week!

what i cen tell you know about this skin care range that i do really love the scent of it, it smell like fresh grass and really make me feel so relax. i love the cleansing gel. but for the full review and so on i'll get back to you a few weeks from now.


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