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hi guys how are you today? i feel so lost lately i don't know why i lost all my mood in nail polish world. i have bunch of new nail polish that i haven't try yet. but i don't have the feeling to try them and reviewing it. i really don't know why. but i try pushing my self to post more about nail polish and nail art, since that's my blog all about.

so today i have OPI Designer De Better, this was their last year holiday season. i got this like a couple months ago, but i just have the feeling to put this nail polish on and just realized  how pretty this nail polish is!

OPI Desinger De Better, is a pale champange gold with foil finish, no this isn't like other foil nail polish finish that i have. this one has a orange sparkle in it, which i think really make this nail polish look so beautiful. i only need  2 coats for the full opacity and it dry fast and super shiny without any top coat.

so wish me get my nail art and nail polish back, i do really need those mood now!! 
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  1. Odd - I am in the same frame of mind over my polishes - and I have hundreds of untries. Maybe that's just it - too many and I need to really thin down. >1500 is too many for the storage issue I have and it's hard to find 'the one' I even want to wear. I liked this one when it came out and was not a fan of most of the Muppets collection. I also liked the Orly Rage that came out right at Christmas, meant I think to be a New Year's shade. But it really holds up yr round as a great shade. Had a tish more pinkish in it's cast than this one does. But it's opaque fast in 2 coats also and seems to last really well on me.


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