Top 5 Nail Care That I Love

hey i just want to share to you about my nail care that i MUST have in my kit. yes it a must and i don't know what happen to my nails if i don't have this!!

1. Buffer, i used body shop nail buffer, i found that this is the best nail buffer that i've try. no i dont used it every single time i want to paint my nail, i usually buff my nails twice a month just to keep the surface of my nails is in a good shape! (It's available at any Body shop store in Indonesia)

2. Cuticle Remover, i used Mavala Cuticle remover ever since i started nail art. and i just finish my 1st bottle after maybe 2 years! this is might be pricey but it last longer and it does remove all my cuticles! (You can buy this at any Drugstore or Department store)

3. Cuticle Balm, i used Burt Bees lemon cuticle balm, i found that my cuticles get very dry because i used too much acetone every single day. and Burt bees is the best nail balm for my super dry cuticles. also the scent is amazing and fresh! (you need to Pre Order this, because this is not available in Indonesia )

4. Nail Hardener, i have a cheap, weak nails, so i do need to use nail hardener. i choose Mavala Nail hardener it come in a small bottle and it coast about IDR 130.000, but it will last for a year or more. you only need a small amount of product and only apply it on the tips of your nail! and it works on me and it does make my nail stronger! (You can buy this at any Drugstore or Department store)

5. Hand Lotion, i tend to be picky on hand lotion because i dont like the sticky feeling or greasy on my hand. but i finally found my best hand lotion that has a great scent also non greasy! yes it's the Soap n Glory hand food lotion.


  1. carriesnails.blogspot.comJuly 3, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    Nice blog! I also really adore that Burt's Bees cuticle cream, but in my country i can't find anywhere Hand food brand :(

  2. actually there's a shop sell burt bees product. it's a nail saloon called qitiq
    but i dont know how much they cost for the balm


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