My Hair journy From Brunette to Ash blonde = disaster!

hi today i would like to share you my hair journey. all you guys know that i wanted a ashy blonde or ash brown hair color but i never ever got the color that i want. i used to use the palty hair color, and i love that hair color because it didn't damage my hair, but the minus point is that even i try different color, they turn out to be the same. until a couple month ago i try the regular hair color with the oxidant and stuff and my hair is damage and dry and all the stuff.

then las week i decided to go to Cyber hair saloon to recoloring my hair and i asked them to color my hair to ash blonde, using Matrix hair color. i told them i think i need bleach to get the right color that i want, so they bleach my hair and here's how they look like

Here's my hair before the make over !

so they only need to bleach my hair once to get the yellow blonde, then we decided just bleach once because my hair is fragile, and if we bleach it for the second time i might be bald right now. so after the bleach they color my hair with the Matrix 9.1 if im not wrong, which is a ash blonde. they need about 1 1/2 tube for my short hair.
here's after the bleach, and sorry for the pict quality i took this with my ipod camera

so it took about 4 hours for me sat at the saloon and i never ever sat that long in the saloon before, i usually color my hair at home. and honestly it was tiring, and i haven't slept since the day before. so turns out the color didn't go well on my hair, my hair still in the blonde bleach color, i dont know what's wrong with the process, but all i know is that my hair look like a mess! they dry and crips and fragile as hell! my scalp itchy and start to fell sting! and the color of my hair is not the one that i want!
here's my hair after the coloring
nothing change much except that my root's color look more bright yellow - white like a barbie or anime hair, and a bit tint orange color at the end of my hair,

for all this i paid about 730.000 IDR or about 77$! lucky i had the voucher from my previose visit and i only have to pay a little bit extra for this hair treatment. but still i feel so disappointed  with the result. i dont know if this my hair mistake or the saloon or other stuff, but honestly i feel so sad, the service was goo tho, but the result of the coloring make me so sad.

luckly i got a 1 1/2 bottle of hair cream color that i bought a couple months ago, it was from clairol professional hair color and it wa something natural ash or pure ash. i forgot!

after using clairol
 so the hair look pretty on the picture but in real life it was more green than ashy blonde hahaha, and it look so scary and ugly and dry :'(. i haven't buy any hair spa to help reduce the dry end, but i do apply a conditioner everytime i wash my hair and just today i apply Matrix Biolage that i got from Cleo event, and it does help to make my hair smooth and untangle.

so here's the recap for my hair color :)

i think by monday or  tuesday i'll re dye it again with prettia ash brown, to reduce the green color in my hair. so i'll update it soon :D 


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