Sigma Paris Palette Review!

Hi guys!

today i want to share the new and limited edition Sigma Paris palette. since i saw this palette on MakeupByTiffanyD i fell in love with it already. i love the packaging of this palette and the color look so beautiful!

so as you can tell the name of this palette is Paris, so the eyeshadow color was inspired by landmark monuments and locations in Paris. for this palette they flew 7 youtube beauty guru to make the eye shadow color base on the landmark that they assign on. also this palette has 2 blusher and 1 highlight blush and 2 brush one is eye shadow brush E55 and angled brush F40.  this palette is cost for 59$, i don't think it's pricy because you got 8 eye shadow, 2 blush on, one highlight and 2 brush, it's good deal.

and on the back of the palette there's beauty guru contributor name list

so let's jump to the swatch and review!

for this swatch i did not use any eye base or primer or other stuff because it would be cheated! most of it only need two swipe but some need more that two swipe, but they are pigmented, the eyeshadow texture is soft and non chalky. for the fall out issue only Versailles but it's not too much.

Rouge, its a rosy nude with shimmer in it, which is turns to be mate on the cheeck but you can see the shimmer on the pan. this is very beautiful color it is very pigmented so you need to be careful when u swipe it on your cheek.

Peche is a matte soft coral pink but much pink tone thatn the coral. very pretty and suitable if you want to do a smokey eye and this blush perfect for your make up look.

Lumiere is a pale pink with lot's of shimmer color, and it's not too much sparkle once you apply to your face, which good and it doesn't give you the disco ball look.

i got this palette from Make Up Original,  she is one of the trusted seller that sell Sigma product with reasonable price. the service is good, when she have a promotion on her shop she'll tell you right away. 
and here's my FOTD using this palette 

Face :
sekise kose lotion
Benefit OXY wow - petal
amazing consealer + tarte consealer
sephora mineral compact powder
blush from Sigma paris palette - rouge

eyes :
UDPP original
Sigma Paris palette : Versailles, Eylsees, Eiffel
spehora mineral compact powder for brow bone
maybeline gel liner - black
maybelin mascara
fake eyelash

lips :
revlon pink 002


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