A-England TESS D'URBERVILLES Swatch And Review

hai today im back with nail polish review, since i got the SLR back so i can take a decent picture quality to show on my blog. 

today i would like to review the A-england nail polish, ever since i saw this nail polish swatch around the other nail blogger i'm so fall in love with the collection and the color, and love the collection. the collection called the Gothic Beauties, but i can't afford to buy the whole collection, i might get them all but one by one :).

so let's jump in to the photo and review

A-England Tess D'urbervilles, a very deep/ dark emerald almost black with tons of green and gold micro shimmer in it. it look black in the room light but once it hit the sun light it turns to be a very pretty dark emerald. the formula was amazing it was almost opaque in one coat, but two coats will be perfect! the dry time was fast! it need a top coat to make it more shiny!

overall i love this nail polish, it so pretty yet hard to capture it in the picture, i already swatch this for 4th time but none of my swatch picture turns to be good or show how pretty this nail polish is.

you can get this nail polish through several seller here's the list where you can get them :
Ninja Polish, Mei Mei's Signature (Singapore Base), Bubble Talk (Indonesia PO system), or through the a-englang website, they over international shipping and it's free!

*none of these links contains any affiliates link, none of the shop pay me, all the product shown in this post are purchased by me *


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