The Christmas Nail Art Day!

hai today is the Christmas day and i would like to say Marry Christmas to all of you who celebrate! may you have a wonderful Christmas eve!

today i finally make a real Christmas nail art, for this nail art i only need two image plate, one from Bundel Monster and the other from Konad image plate. so this is pretty much a easy nail art to do, and i really like the result.

for the base im using OPI Off With Her Red, this is actually myu new love red polish color! this is a vibrant red with a orenge hint. it looks more like a tomato red collor. it was opaque in two coats, it was dry fast also has a glossy finish and it's pure creamy.
for the stamping image im using thi Konad White special nail polish.

and here's some Christmas nail art that i've been creating this past year!


  1. So great to find a new 'I am in love with' red. I find through the yrs I have new ones every so often but never really stop loving the older ones either. When I clean out my stash it's the reds that I look most carefully over..they never go out of fashion (unless they are a finish I don't wear or they were a fail to being with)...I have ended up always keeping more reds than any other polish shade in the clean outs. I think my all time fav golden red is OPI's Dear Santa. I have a # of fav cream reds. What a great collection this one Off With Her Head is from - I need to spread my extra bottles of Absolutely Alice and Mad As A Hatter around or maybe sell them. I don't need 4-5 extra bottles of each...and as much as many have tried to dupe both - none come close enough to the original in my mind and heart. OPI's Little Red Wagon is a red cream I tend to drift back to a lot - but when I need a warmer red cream it's OPI Vodka and Caviar my fingers seem to pull out of my stash.

  2. rapinyaaaa T________________________________T aku ga bs serapi ituh hiks

  3. thank youu :) itu agak miring sih sebenernya cuman ga gitu keliatan :)

  4. tapi baguss aku gak bs bikin kek gt, gak berbakat LOL!

  5. bisa moles muka rapih berarti bisa kok bikin ini :D.. kan tinggal cap" ajah

  6. Ini cap?? Gyaa! Beli di mana shel? Aku pernah beli cap2 yg pink itu gak pernah bs jadi lowhh T.T

  7. capnya pake Konad bisa beli di Ladys shop di FB,
    gampang kok tp harus gerak cepet ngerjainnya


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