Zoya Pixie Dust Part 2 Swatch, Review

as i promised before i'll do the second post for Zoya Pixie dust collection. i've been sick this past week i barely can eat, drink or speak, that's why i've been MIA and post a late reply for this swatches.

so let's jump to the swatch shall we? i like to called this the dark Pixie Dust collection because it offer the black, red and gray color and it represent dark for me haha!

im most excited with this part because i found my prefect prefect color and so in love with it and i think i could die!

Zoya Chyna, i feel the name for this nail polish kinda weird but that's not the point anyway. Chyna is a mix between a cherry red with silver glitter but obviously the silver didn't show up much in this picture. when it's matte it look like there's black glitter mix in to the polish and it look so not beautiful and i don't think that this polish meant to be a matte texture. it look more bright red color with top coat and it look more flattering with top coat than matte. and i think this is a dupe for china glaze ruby pump.
and this is my top fave from this collection

Zoya London, this a medium dark grey glitter also it mix with silver glitter for this i only need 2 coats, it look great with ot without top coats. when it matte it look like a nail buffer for me haha..

Zoya Dahlia, this is black with silver glitter mix in it. when it matte it look more dark gray rather than a black glitter polish, and this is the perfect match color for my nail buffer, my BF said so and his friends too. this also look pretty with the top coats, and this is was two coats

over all i love this set of polish, this set does have a different shade of color when you put the top coats. also this has more pigmentation, i mostly need only 2 coats on each nail. i cannot wait for the bright pixie dust color, they look fun and pretty.

see you guys on my next post


  1. Waww jadi ingat tahun 2000. MILENIUM XD
    Cantik bangett *u*
    Beli dimana sis ?? Pingin yang londong XD


  2. thank you darling, aku dapet dari supplier ku sendiri :) kamu bs pesen sama bubble talk maybe

  3. Cantikkk bangetttt <3 esp the Chyna one. Anw just followed your blog, would be happy if you could drop by/follow mine too :)


  4. Chelll, I love the Chyna!

    Btw, I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! http://joveetalee-art.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

  5. Very pretty! What topcoat do you use? And where did you buy it? Thanks!

  6. Very pretty! What topcoat do you use? And where did you buy it? Thanks!

  7. cakep" yah unik juga warnanya berubah gitu kalo di pakein top coat

  8. same here! hahaha
    thanks jope :)

  9. hallo i would love to follow your blig, but next time try just email me instead of posting you blog link here. same here chyna is my fave


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