Benefit Training Day 2 & 3!

hallo, as i promised i will post all details about my training at Benefit from day 2 and 3 which is today! on Thursday and Friday we learn about the famous brow arch by Benefit! if you a Benefit lover you must know that Benefit has a service called brow bar! and since we have a boutique store at Indonesia so yeah we'll have the brow bar here! and you can enjoy our most popular brow wax service !

here's our Professor Pretty Naomi 

so day two we learn the technique fist, we learn about brow map-ing and how to make a perfect arch for every face shape! and we also learn that if you consume, using face product or doing any machine peeling, you cannot do brow wax, because your skin is fragile and if you do this service, you'll got a skin peel which is so painful for you!

and then i was thinking how easy to do a brow map, but the hard part is that you have to connect each point and make a perfect arch and trust me it's hard! i need about 45- 60 minutes just to finish the brow maping at first day! it is hard to balance the brow, but once you get the hang of it, it was little bit easier for you,

before we do a brow wax service we'll have to prepare out SMA , we have to prepare the spatula, hair clip, disposable mascara wand, Twizzer  and scissors. all the clean product must put on the right and all the dirty product must put on the left! 

at Thursday we have to handle a customer/ model we have to re shape their brow to be perfect from YUCK to WOW! at Friday i have more time to take picture and mingle with other! and i thank God that all my models are nice and very understand my condition.

so here;s the Brow Service at Benefit B spot today! today our outfit are pijamas! haha

and here's me on action yesterday thank you Meylisa Agustina from pandapavillon for the picture!!

and here's my Brow Work today, she is actually my 1st model for today, and turns out i can't wax her eye brow because she consuming or using doctor skin care for her agne, but i manage to reshape her virgin brow to the "Benefit Brow", and she liked it so much! and i was so happy, i still am that i can make such a good brow and made my model love it so much!!

Yuck and WOW


here's our Manager or my boss she was the model for recap season yesterday, and if you see clossely there;s some line over the brow, that's we called brow point, where you should start your brow, where you arch is and where you need to stop the brow.

so good news, on 13 April *techneqly today, we will have a little parade at Plaza Indonesia around 1 o'clock, we'll go around as give you a pink envelope there a secret surprise for you and we have game also, so come and meet Gabby and other Beneteam! we'll be at Plaza Indonesia until around 4 o'clock!!

and here's our Benebabe and Beneboy and Our Beneofficer !!


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