Luxury Babe Lens 36 Pink Review and FOTD

Hallo, today i have a new brand contact lens (at least for me), this lens was sponsored by Dremie Chuppa, she kindly offer me a lens to review from her ready stock lens, so i told her that to give me anything she want, and she insist me to pick, so i said to her i want luxury babe.

currently she have stock the Luxury Babe 36 in pink, so i say it look cute and i loved to try new lens from other brand.

origin : korea
water content : 48%
diameter : 16mm
B.C : 8.6

Pattern : it has a cute pattern look really like a anime eye look, and it has a black rim which is make my eye look bigger.

color : it's noticeable and the color pop up but wearable lens color

Comfort : this isn't the most comfortable lens that i've ever used, i feel something in my eyes every time i wear this lens. the lens it self is more thicker compare to the other lens that i ever used. 

enlargement : YES, see my photo how this lens made my eye look so big and dolly look. 

over all :
i love the pattern and i love that this lens give me a big eye look, the color also look bright and the color show up on my dark brown eye color. but the big problem is that i always feel that something poking my eye. 
if you don't have any sensitivities eye problem, maybe this is the perfect lens for you, it give you enlargement and dolly look, but since i have a small eye the size and the thicker texture give me a problem.

thank you Dreamie Chuppa for sending me this lens for review, you can get this lens from their shop at facebook, if you mention PolishWonderland you can get discount 5% off! 


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