My Essential Eye Brush By Masami Shouko

hellow! how are you today? i have a news for you, now i am a internship at Benefit cosmetic Indonesia, why i am become a Intern it was because i have a problem with the time schedule between working and campus. so i asked my boss to other job position. i'll be back as a BA in August or end of June, so don't worry :D.

as you guys know that Kay Collection just opened their store at Taman Angrek last month, im so happy to see their new store because the store look so nice and big! so i went there alone after campus and it almost closing time but the staff still welcome me.

i wasn't planing to buy a brush, i just want to look at the store and see is there any new product that i haven't see before. then i decided to look at the brush and i see that now they numbering and put a brush name! also the brush quality is improve! i purchase Masami Shokou brush a couple years ago, it is a good brush back then, but on some brush you can feel something poking your skin. but this one the new brush collection is much much better!

and i find my self choosing a couple eye brush and i picked the small or travel sized for my go to brush and i found 5-6 brush that really fits me. and all the quality very good and i love my new brush so much! they so small so it can be fit to my brush pouch! here's my go to brush collection

Masami Shouko 207 - Small C brush,
the brush so tiny and it's perfect for asian small eyes, i love this brush because the size. i used this brush for apply a cream eyeshadow. it fits perfectly on my small lid area!

Masami shouko 206 - Big C brush
it has the same shape like thi 207 but this one much bigger and dens, i usually use this for my crease area to blend or add more darker color to my eye.

Masami Shouko 203, Small Angled Brush
i want this brush because i love to contour my nose, since the brush small and fluffy too it perfect for me, because i can contour and blend at the same time.

Masami Shouko 215 - Domed Eye Shadow Brush
the brush is dens and it perfect for outer V for applying a dark shadow color, to defined you eye shape. it's pointed enough to apply a shadow to your lower lash line or for smudging your liner 

Masami Shouko 201 - Blending Brush
my opinion this blending brush has the perfect leght but it wasn't fluffy enough for blending brush type. but it does a ok job for blending.

Masami Shouko 311 - Detailed Brush
the reason i choose this brush because i can use it for applying lipstick and gel liner or brow.  since this is small and flat enough for those thing!

so over all i love the quality of the brush and the has put number to each brush which is a good thing and make Masami Shouko brush more professional. the do improve the quality and the price is worth it and fits to collage student budget.

im so happy with their new store and the new brush quality. if im not wrong they just launch their webstore this week! and they have promotion for the new webstore opening! so go check now!

so i hope this brush review help you to pick your perfect brush set for your ever day uses !!


  1. hmm boleh nih mampir2 ke benefit to see you :)


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