Syoss Ash Blonde Hair Color Review

hai, today i would like to review a new hair color *not so new anyway* this is by Syoss a brand from Thaniland, this brand just arrived in Indonesia this year, my first purchase is the black color, but i didn't used it and i gave it to my mom, then after that i would love to re-touch my roots but i dont want to bleach it anymore, since bleach is so harsh and can make my scalp itch, so i decided to give a try for Syoss light Ash Blonde.

this is my 2nd time using the Ash Blonde to re touch my roots, the first one i forgot to take picture before and after, so until a couple days ago i decided to re color my hair again, so to match the color i used this Syoss to lighten up my roots.

i used 1 box for touch up my roots only, yeah i need 1 box just for touch up 2cm-ish roots! my hair so thick, so imagine how many box do you need if you have a long and thick hair! hahaha, for my self i think i need about 2 - 3 box for a full head!!

inside of this box you get the glove, hair color, developer, after mask, and instruction *which i never read*! so here we go!!

here's my hair before the coloring

and then this is how my roots after 30mins application

and finally here's the final looks! 

this is how my roots looks like when it's still wet

and then this is how it looks like when all dry, as you can see it is a little bit darker from my last hair coloring, but at least it look almost similar. and can you see how this hair color lighten up my roots, from dark to this light orange-brown color, in only 30 mins!

if you want to achieve more lighter color, like what it's look like on the box try to leave it for45 mins or more.

final verdict :
i do recommended this hair color if you want to lighten up your hair color. i prefer using this rather than bleach. since my roots in a good condition i didn;t feel that this hair color made my hair dry and it does look so shinny!! 
so yep i would recommended this for you looking a blonde hair, with out bleach your hair!

you can get this Syoss Hair Color at Guardian, Food Hall i only rememberd this two placeses but i think this is available everywhere! price i think it's about Rp 75,000. 

so hope you guys like this and hopefully this is helpful for you guys,,


  1. only 75.000? wow, I think I'm going to try it :)

    Love, Leonita

  2. Well I think I will buy this one.. wanna lighten my hair color 8D

  3. Thank you for making this post, I really wanna try this product :)

  4. wihhh bagus shel hasilnyaa.. pantes br dgr syoss ini, namanya agak mencurigakan makanya aku ga nyoba, trnyata brand thailand ya..
    aku cat sndiri ga rata nihh.. huahhh..

  5. nice review ce, kebetulan lg cari"hair coloring yg bagus n tentunya murce :p maklum I have a virgin hairs, jd masih takut kalo salah warna
    salam kenal ya :D

  6. kalo masih virgin kamu better pake si hair bubble deh,, tapi kalo emang aim nya untuk blonde ya aku rekomen ini banget :D

  7. iya ci dari Thailand, sama sih kaya yang bubble yang ada disini itu juga dari Thailand,, cuman so far aku pake dia ok sih :D

  8. glad that u like this post :D

  9. well you should try this! hahaha

  10. it was actually 50.000 hahaha

  11. Pretty! I can't find 10-0 in my country. How long do you think i should leave it in when i buy 11-0 (intensive lightener). I have black hair, and want brown hair somewhat like yours.

  12. Thankyou for the post , its pretty! They don't sell syoss 10-0 in my country. How long do you think i should leave it in if i buy the 11-0 (intensive lightener). I have black hair and want to achive a haircolour somewhat like yours. :)

  13. ka aku cari di giant, hypermart kok ga ada yang ash blonde 10-0 ya?? klo boleh tau kk waktu itu belinya dimana ya? makasih :)

  14. Nandini 'nansan' ParamitaFebruary 9, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    Wah sama cc Chell, nan dan Lvcia (Bhumi) juga pake ini Oktober lalu, bagus! Shampoo Syoss Repair nya juga cocok jd ngga rontok lagi :D cuma ini koq di sebut produk Thai sih? Pdhl Henkel kan German punya :3

  15. kayanya sih dibuat di thailand deh, abis setiap barang dia ada tulisan thailand. or mungkin di import dr sana hehe

  16. Hi, nice color! Hahaha
    Kok pada dapat harga 75000rb sih? Di carrefour pontianak cuman 37500rb :D

  17. Wah serius? sekarang susah banget nih cari Syoss yang ini.Ngga jelas sih ini dari mana. either emang dari Jepang dan di Import dari Thailand:)


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