Rescue beauty Lounge An Accident Interloper Swatch And Review

hai, today i have my last RBL polish to share with you, this is the third polish that i purchased from the Blogger 2.0 collection. this color actually not a nail blogger creation like Scrangie or Fashion Polish, but this is made by Ji, the owner of RBL.

Who is the nail blogger behind this color? ’Tis I, an interloper who is not a nail blogger--shameless I know. When we were in the beginning stages of mixing Liberty, Pammy mentioned that we needed some kind of silver in our RBL family. For me, making a unique silver color was an obstacle I had yet to solve for many years. I have numerous bottles in my RBL cemetery drawers sitting there like rejected sleeping beauties. Yet, it was impossible to stop my hands and my foolish heart from trying again. I mixed, searched my polish graveyard, reawakened, remixed and re-married pigments to achieve this silver goddess with an edge faceted by multi-shimmer hues. It's a silver palette I can embrace as a part of the RBL family. Please forgive me??

 An Accident Interloper, is a cool silver polish with micro shimmer particle in it. this is not the usual gray/ silver polish, it has a special hiden gem in it. so pretty. on some lighting this can be look like a Silvery - blue.

 this was two easy coat, all RBL polish that i owned are all easy to apply, and almost one coater. if you see on the picture the brush stroke looks very visible but in IRL is not,  and i think it couse by the heavy Blitz.

i really have a big problem when swatch and taking picture of An Accident Interloper, i've taken about 300 photo, with different setting, but i still can't capture the pretty shimmer in it.

all i can say that this is such a pretty polish and im so freaking in love with this color. and quiet a unique gray to added in the collection :D

you can get this polish at Rescure Beauty Lounge site for 20$/ Bottle 
free shipping for US when you spend 100$ and international when you spend 200$.


  1. Raisa Mae FernandezOctober 4, 2013 at 1:08 PM

    Wow I feel that this is a good color for the upcoming holidays!


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