Rescue Beauty Lounge Fashion Polish Review And Swatch

hello Guys, today i have the 2nd polish from RBL and this is my 1st RBL polish that i got a couple months ago. and this is still the Blogger 2.0 collection and i got this simply because i have a love struck to the creator of this shade, and since we both love dark shade polish she capture the perfect dark polish!

Fashion Polish a Nail Blogger from France i think, the reason im in love with her because her nails and the photo quality. and she make all polish looks so pretty and a must have! i hope one day i can take a good picture like her.

I’ve never worked with anyone who had actually mixed (frankened) nail polish before. When Sam and I were DM-ing each other, this made me nervous; I was humbled and excited. It was refreshing to  know that she had her own technical challenge. She wanted to incorporate her deep affection for black base nail polish with gold  and red glitters. The black pigment’s weight issue with the floating   glitter ratio was indeed a challenge for me as well. Sam sent me a  photo of a breathtaking sunset that bleeds into the golden sunlight.   Red clouds coattail into the blackest of the night. I mixed six     versions of the color and shipped it to her home in France, ridiculously wishing that I, too, could shrink and sneak into her shipping box and be whisked away to France.   

Fashion Polish, a black base packed with Gold, Red, Green. since this polish packed with glitter a heavy duty top coat is needed to show how sparkly and rich of color this polish is. i've been having such a hard time to take a good picture, to show how really pretty this polish is.

see my middle finger, that's the real beauty!

this was almost a one coater polish, but i did two coats just because of habits. the color is very rich and pigmented and easy to work with.

this polish actually reminds me of a few from the hills, light from the road and house

photo credit : katya_gonina

so what do you think? i am loving this polish but hate to take a picture of it, because i can't show how pretty and beautiful this polish is!

you can get this polish at Rescure Beauty Lounge site for 20$/ Bottle 
free shipping for US when you spend 100$ and international when you spend 200$.


  1. I'm so happy you love it! Thank you for this beautiful post and pictures <3


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