Eye Candy - Tosca Review

Hi Girls! New post for today and it's a circle lens review. So last week Dreamie Chuppa announced that she have a new lens, and once i saw the picture, i know i must get the lens, and i contacted her through LINE and ordered the lens.

Eye Candy has been my all time favorite lens among the other brand  from Korea, simply because of the color of the lens and how comfortable the lens is. Sadly this lens has a limited color selection and models.

So here i present you the amazeball Eye Candy Tosca, and im sorry if i looked so mean or like a wolf eye :p

EyeCandy Tosca 

Water Content : 48 %
Diameter : 15mm
material : silicone hydrogel

Pattern : New pattern and color mixed for this lens, it looks like a sunflower petals.

color : It's a interns, bright tosca! So pretty and i don't have any other words to describe the color.

Comfort : Same like other Eye Candy lens, feel so comfy and light on the eyes.

enlargement : yes but not too much.

over all :

Since the color so intens, wearing make up is really necesary, other wise your eye will look scary. At least you have to apply a thick black liner and lots of mascara. The color so bright, and im so in lovw with this lens, and im happy that Eye Candy release this color. It's unique color for me.

So if you guys love a super bright lens, and if you want all attention goes to your eyes, you need the lens! Go grab this lens from Dreamie Chuppa


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