Finnaly i got my new nail art polish, i've been wanting them in such a long time ago!
then finnaly i got them, but it's not completed :'(


for the face shop polish --> i dont like this one, WHY? because it's really hard to get the heart shape and then it's very lumpy i guess that's the right word. so i wouldn't recommend this one.

Etude French Manicure Glitters
surely love this one, because it's really easy to use, because the brush is shot, and it's perfect for make lines stuff like that..
but you probably have to double it so the glitter will show better,

Etude Nail Art Pen

it's does really help you to make dots or draw something on your nails, but the thing is that you have to squize it so the polish will come out.
and you need a lot of energy for that..
but over all i like this one :D

so hope you all enjoy


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