UD 24/7 Anniversary Glide On Pencil liner!

yay! finally it's arrived! my UD 24/7! even i just bought 3 from 15 pencils! *sucks* i know! but im in budget with this product, it's expensive at least for me :(.. but im planning buy it some more, so i can fill it with the box.

Mildew, Asphyxia, Uzi

Mildew, Asphyxia, Uzi
With Flash
Crash, Underground, Gunmetal, uzi, Zero, Asphyxia, Mildew

*without Flash*
Crash, Underground, Gunmetal, uzi, Zero, Asphyxia, Mildew

so i got the box and now time to fill it in with other UD Glide one Pencil Liner!
from this set i prever to get the special Pencil liner for the set, some people bought this set for shared
so im looking forward for other UD 24/7 aniv set!! so i can get the Special edition :D..


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