Glee - express your Self to Your self!!

hi hi hi!!
so a couple weeks ago i received my Sephora by OPI mini Glee, and since there 6 nail polish i need more time to swatch them all, but today i'll post the Express your self to ur self..

Glee - express your Self to Your self!!
 this is a bright pink color which is very beautiful if you have a pale skin tone, unlike me it's look nasty!
and this is very hard to capture real color, in this picture you see it a bit like orange or coral color, but  IRL it's more pink magenta. 

zoom it a lil bit, so you can see the blue shimmer in it, so beautifull

over black shatter
so to reduce the nasty look of my hand because this pink, i layer it with the black shatter and it's turns very beautiful!! love love bright color over the black shatter!

on this picture i used 3 coats and  i still can  see VNL, but the surprise is this nail polish dry very fast! and i cant believe it! this is my 1st nail polish from SOPI!

so so so in love with this nail polish..


  1. I can never keep my nails that long, I always break them, yours are so nice!x

  2. Emily, this is miracle! i nver ever can had a long nail for almost 2 month. but o dont know what happen now i can have a long nail for a long time :D..


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