Shu Uemura Event

Good afternoon bloggers! on Wednesday i was attending the Shu Uemura event, they invited the Indonesia media, like megazine, to report about their product and what's the benefit about using the Shu Uemura product, i was there as rhe Nail art team.  this event was held on Senayan City one of the biggest mall in Indonesia.

the themes is like a spring time, and i do really love it! there's tons of flower! and so beautiful place.

so here's a lil bit of picture of the event :

the artist that come to the event

a fun Stage for talk show

the flower for the Nail art table

and look at that our beautiful flower! it's like i want to keep them, so beautiful and color full..


  1. waah shu uemura event! wish I were there >.<

  2. @ YoannitaL, it does! im having fun time there!!
    meeting with lot's of people

    @Hye Rin, you should come, it's so fun!


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