Meet The Korean nail Polish Skin Food

Hello girls, today post is gonna be my brand new nail polish from Korea brand called Skin Food. this is the most cheap with good quality brand in Indonesia, i dont think Indonesia has their own nail polish. so this is cost about 3$ something, they come in alot of range nail polish colors and type, such as :

Nail Vita - the creme or regular nail polish
Pedicure Sparkle - this is sparkly soft glitter which i love so much!
Milky Nail Polish - a nail polish with milk ingredients i think, but they come with cute little bottle
Jojo Nail polish - i never try this one but i think this is just like nail vita

and there's still 2 other series which is i forgot the name is hehe..

so today im gonna present to you my 2 brand new Nail Vita from skin food

Skin Food RE101

Skin Food RE101
Skin Food RE101 is Creme bright red that i like, it's bright but not too bright or neon red. so i really like this red color. this was 3 coats you'll get full coverage with 2 coats but, i did 3 because i was watching and didn't apply it well so i have to re apply in one more time.

RE 106

RE 106
Skin Food RE106, this was a dark red almost like a plum red in the picture but in real life is not. this is kinda dry blood color i think, i really love this color, so vampy look and i love dark nail polish :D..
same this was 3 coats same issue with the RE101 i was wathcing and didn't pay much attention when i applied this nail polish
So this is RE106 in my failed nail art, i wanted to make one stroke nail art and made a half petal flower but i end up with this design which i dont know what i should called it. im still learning on painting my nail and make this one store nail art with acrylic pain.

so hope you guys enjoy this nail polish review and my freaky nail art.. 

have a good day 



  1. I love the label for Skin Food... odd name for a nail polish line :)

  2. oh wow im so impressed by the red one! wow i wish i could turned back time to Indo and got this red polish! u make me jealous lol and btw it look great on you!

  3. @GothamPolish, yeah kinda odd but they sold a skin care product also, so i think this nail polish only the additional for this company,, haha

    @YoannitaL, yeah they look so damn great i love the red one. oh to bad you didn't buy this nail polish. dont be darling one day you'll come back to Indo right? thanks anyway

  4. Surely! Definitely would get this one! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. i love skin food nail polish! they're cheap and of good quality. i had a bunch! but i had to left of them in indo :(

  6. @les ailes du papillon, owh to bad, this polish hope you get back soon and bring this polish with you


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