Moondancerjen Birthday Giveaway! whop whop!

So first  of all i would like to say Happy Birday to our lovely Beautiful Jen!
so i wish you a good luck! much follower for you this year i know you deserve it you got an amazing blog!

so she celebrate her birday with a giveaway which is so fabulous!  thanks for having this giveawayy..

so anyway goes to the prize and rules!

you will win this amazing nail polish and she'll pick 3 winners.

and here's her RULES!
  1. You must be a follower to enter this contest.
  2. I am willing to ship internationally if your country won't give me issues with sending you polish.
  3. Each person can receive up to 8 entries by doing the following:
    1. Follow my blog for one entry.
    2. Blog about this contest - Feel free to use the first image in this post on your blog.  I'm not going to be picky about this, if you put giveaways in your sidebar, that counts, if you give it a dedicated post, that counts, if you combine it with other giveaways that counts, just give me a link.  This will earn you 2 extra entries.
    3. Add me to your blogroll. This will earn you 3 extra entries.
    4. Follow me on Twitter @moondancerjen.  This will earn you one more entry.
    5. Tweet about this contest with something like: Enter @moondancerjen's Birthday Giveaway: This will earn you one extra entry.
  4. I will use to select the winners.  Winner 1 will get first choice of their prize, winner 2 will get second choice, and the third winner will get the final prize pack.
  5. Giveaway Ends on  May 15th, and I hope to have the winners selected and announced by May 20th.

pict by her! recommend you to follow this beautiful lady here, and enter this giveawayy..

one again happy belated  birthday! 


  1. didn't know your e-mail so I am adding my entry here.

    GFC: mini diva

    blog post:

  2. @Mini Diva, oh darling dont post it here, go to her page and join there, this is not my give away
    go here :


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