OPI Spookettes Mini + thank you for 100 follower

i wanted to post thank you post yesterday, because that's when i know that i hit 100 followers, but then i've been thinking i also want to add some special picture or swatch, but recently i have no idea what to post. but today i got my nail mail! i got the OPI Spookettes mini from Halloween 2011 collection. i will buy the full size when it's available here, but i think im gonna buy 2 for back up!

I would like to say thank you to all my followers, thank you for the support, the comment, thank you all! i cant believe that i'll hit 100 follower this is amazing! i'll have the give away but i'll post it later with all the rules :). really thank you i dont know how to describe it in words but really thank you so much!!

this is the awesome collection specially the Zom-body to love! the glow in the dark so strong, specially after you put it under the light, then you'll see you green polish in the dark! so crazy about this polish! but i cant really take the picture at the dark because i dont know how. but i get decent picture i took it with my blackberry.

so into the swatch
He's my Boo

 He's my boo, is a bright orange it's reminds me of OPI in my back pocket color, but in my back pocket a little bit darker than He's my boo. the application was easy and i just need 2 coats to get full coverage.

I only date werewolves

 I only date werewolves, is a black color i think it's similar with the black onyx the application same like the he's my boo so easy and love the formula

Mummy know best
Mummy know best, again i dont know what to say this remind me to OPI alpine snow, it's pure, bright and clean white the application was a little bit tricky for me, i dont know if that's the polish or just me cant play with white polish.

Mummy know best over Zom-body to love

Mummy know best over Zom-body to love *GID*
then to make it more fun i top coat it with the Zom-body to love, from what i see is if you layer it over white base, the GID so pops in the dark

Zom-body to love

Zom-body to love
Zom-body to love, is a super pretty green i dont know how to mention it i just feel in love with this polish when i see the swatch from kkk, i need 4 coats but pretty much i still can see my VNL! but that's oke with this special formula. it was fast dry too that's why i love this.

Zom-body to love *GID*

overall i really love the Zom-Body To Love, because it's glow in the dark, the other color seem just a basic color, i wish OPI release more new color instead the black and white, because honestly i didnt see the difference between black onxy to i only date werewolves and alpine snow with mummy know best .


  1. I love the glow in the dark effect! And congrats on your 100+ followers. :)

  2. chell, klo beli OPI biasanya dmn???pgn iihhh NOTD gt tp jarang bgt pke kutek n msh brantakan :(

  3. I soo want Zom-body to love! These look great, I wouldn't mind the China Glaze collection for Halloween either! :-)

  4. They look great, thanks for getting swatches up so quickly! I quite like He's my Boo, but I think the black and the white, white traditional colours could have been a bit more interesting.
    I'm wearing the Zom-body to love shatter duo and it looks great! I also used it over white :)

  5. sorry for the late replay geez,,

    @Sandra thanks :), me too love the glow in the dark effect, wish OPI release more color from Glow in the dark :)

    @Nisa, beli sendiri Nis :)

    @Tee dee, you must have this! this is so amazing, also the green look fab even without the glow in the dark effect!

    @luch, your welcome :D, he's my boo not really my color, but it's a pretty bright orange, i wish the black and white comes in the glow in the dark too :(.

  6. i love these but aren't they the EXACT same as the Tattoo Ta-boo! minis? i just compared them from pics and to me they look the same.

  7. great review!! Can`t wait to try out Zom-Body to Love! :)

  8. @Danielle, agree with you and i just relies it after you mention it, maybe i'll make some post of it :)

    @OPI Addict, you have to try it, it's awesome!

  9. wow :o i need the glow in the dark one! it's the only one that matters because the other ones are just normal colors! not even worth being in a collection to be honest! i hope the glow in the dark one can be bought alone in original size!


  10. @Alex, im agree with you i could skip the others they look regular to me. but i believe on some shop they sell the Glow in the dark by it self

  11. Hey guys! Does anyone know if they will be making a full size version of these?? I bought two of the smaller ones because Halloween is my favorite time of year, and they are just the itty bitty mini ones :)

    I'm so happy I found your blog, definitely a follower of yours now! I hope to hear from you guys soon! I am also hoping they make larger versions but even if they don't... I might just have to buy another mini set if anything else :)

    I also bought the black shatter/zombody to love set! Love it!

  12. @Evilcupcake, hi,thank you for following me and im glad that you like my blog :).
    i dont think they have the big size for the orange and white or black, also i think the black and white similar to OPI black onyx and alpine snow. me too i bought the full size for the glow in the dark :D

  13. Mummy Know Best is Alpine Snow, I Date Only Date Werewolves is Black Onyx, and He's My Boo is In My Back Pocket. The only new color in this collection is the Glow in the Dark one. I know that the colors are the same because to codes on the bottom of the bottles are the same. Thank you for the swatches.


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