Maybeline Color Smooth Blush On Review

i hope this is ok, that i post some makeup review here, i hope you don't hate me because i also review a makeup stuff. so let me know what do you think should i reviewing makeup stuff or just polish only :)

so today i present to  you a Maybeline Clear smooth blush on, i spotted this blush on at Guardian *local drugstore* and i never seen this blush before and i like the color also it's cheap it only cost me IDR 40,000 or around 4$! but what make me more happy is that this blush very pigmented also long lasting.

there are 4 colors there, but i only grab 3 of them becasue the other look similar so i think im gonna skip it. and here's what i got :

Fresh Berry, this is my favourit color! it's matte blush there's no shimmer in it. and actually i dont know how to describe this color *lame!*

Fresh Rose, this one is a very pale pink with cool tone also there's with gold simmer in it but you barely see the shimmer on the swatch. the simmer is soft or almost invisible, unlike the nars blush.

Fresh Apricot, this orange tangerine with gold simmer in it, then you must see how beautiful thin color! but the same as Fresh Rose the simmer not that strong like nars blush

over all i love this blush, they so pigmented and long lasting except the Fresh Rose it's very sheer. i tried wore it for 8 hours, and it's still there! so awesome! so i really recomended this blush!

Fresh Berry, Fresh Rose, Fresh Apricot

where to find it :

Any Maybeline counter, Guardian, Metro Departemen Store


  1. aku punya blush ini jugaaaaaa :D
    tapi cuman punya yg fresh rose, hehe pengen coba yg laen juga dehh, murcee :D

  2. @Cominica, hayoo beli yang lainn yang Fresh Rose cakep di kamu kayanya. tapi ga yakin keluar secara sheer banget heheh,,,

  3. pengen si fresh rose.. cakep yak... @.@

  4. @Ephong, must have smua nih IMO :D


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