Deborah lippman Candy Shop Franken

hiyah again how are youuu??

maybe you have see tons post about this franken since last month, yes this is the Deborah Lippman Candy Shop franken. i don't plan to buy this but i do want the happy b'day and the forget you. so i decided to make a freanken for this one.

i did made a good pink at first but then i wanted to add more polish so it's turn out more pink brown. so here's the ingredients and the result

L-R Milani Silver FX, Milani Gems FX, OPI Tickle My Frence-y, OPI Steady As She Rose, OPI Nantucket Mist, Nicole By OPI Make You Smile , BerryM Silver Cascade

dont ask how many i pour this nail polish into the franken i just did as i want as much as i need and dont forget to take the clear polish. so here's the result and i named it candy party :D

so here;s my result, so i think i pour to much of tickle my frence-y so that's why the color tens to pinkish brown color. so this is 3 coats of it, i think 2 is good enough but i just want to swipe more. then what i see is some of the glitter gone or cover with the pink polish and it doesn't look good, so i apply one supper thin coat of Milani Jewel FX in Gems.

so what do you think? i do love this and this is looks pretty on my skin tone :D love and love this color..

have a good day :D


  1. I like it. I did not look at your blog title but when seeing the shade you made and then going back up to read what you wrote, I thought right away of the one shade in the 3 some kit from DL that I don't want to buy as I have Happy B'Day and think it's silly to spend the $ to buy anything I have 1 of in the set like she so often does on her little kits with no so little of price tags! I really want that pink one she has out - but I want it in a reg. size bottle. It's like a pink version of Up In the Air kind of with more glitter tossed in. I heart it! Good going!

  2. wow this is really cute! Love the colour you achieved :)


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