How I orgenized my nail polish and where i took my picture

Hi guys, so in a few weeks i might not post my nails because i just cut the short and some of the nail was in ugly shape because some of it was broke and layering. yes my nail in bad condition now because i didnt you my nail tek foundation 2 anymore. i wanted to try the nail tek foundation 3 and guess what that's not good for my nails, and i run out of it!

so i decided to post how i storage my nail polish and where i capture my nail for blog. so hope you enjoy!!

so here's my nail addiction corner :D  and on the 2nd picture you can see my 2 rack of nail polish..


 So for this Katy Perry Display i put all my DS and shatter collection

 here's my 1st drawer which i put all my limited edition from OPI

 here's the 2nd drawer i put all the regular OPI nail polish and i arrange it by the collection

 on the 3rd drawer i put other OPI regular color and i also put some new nail polish that i haven't try it and my franken.

on the 4th drawer is home for my baby Zoya! i love Zoya!!

so here's where i put my base coat, top coat and all my nail care

on these 2 drawer where i put my nail art supply

now into the2nd rack!

 here's where i put all my limited edition nail polish from China Glaze

 here's where i put my regular color from china glaze

 and here where i put some mix brand, i got milani, La Girl, berrym, Sinfull etc

 here's another mix drawer as, i put my essie, nubar, nicole by opi, orly

 here's home for my high end brand

 here's my collection of Korean nail polish which is Skin food!

 here's my OPI mini collection

here's where i put my nail art sticker, my buss card and konad stamping and special polish.


  1. Buseeeetttt Shella...
    Nganga gw ngeliatnya. Itu sebanyak itu kalo pada kering gmn tuh??? Gpp ya kutek ditidurin gt Shella?

  2. @Bintangkecil, untungnya sam,pe sekarang ga ada yang kering, ada kok yang udha dari 2thn lalu masih bisa di pake and oke :D.. so far sih ga masalah di tidurin :D


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