Butter London - Yummy Mummy

hellow!!! how are you!

today im going to show you my 2nd purchased from Butter London!! and im so happy that i got this!
i purchased this polish while Nordstrom having sale, where you buy 2 polish and you'll received 1 free Butter London nail polish in Yummy Mummy. so i decided to buy Wallis and Blager! but today im going to show you Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy, is a nude beige with silver shine in it, supper pretty and i never thought this is a perfect shade for my skin tone. i cant stop staring my nails since i try this! they look so pretty. this was 3 coats, but you'll get the full opacity in 2 coats.

some extra photo

the other two is  coming soon, so be patient with me :D

have a great day


  1. This was my first Butter I bought as I had heard a lot of this shade and All Hail McQueen. Both are very light for me which is fine for my fingers but I need bolder and brighter shades on my toes. Butter for me has been a love/hate affair. I get one good one and the next one is a thick goopy mess. Since I have to buy them via mail I don't get to send them back as they are not returnable goods unless they are broken. I want to like this company as they have fun shades. But at the price and my less than 50% good bottles I have bought, sort of makes me only want to buy it when I am in a big city and able to open the bottle I will buy before buying and try it on a piece of scotch tape first to see if it's going to go on. It's not got consistent quality in what I have seen.

  2. What do you have for butter london beside yummy mummy?! Curious to know!!

  3. @BeachGal, i heard some people saying that. but you can add some nail thinner in the polish so they'll less goopy :).

    @Nailheartink, it's a secret you'll see it soon :)


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