Maybeline Gel Liner

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you about Maybeline gel liner, maybe this is not a new product for you who life at US or other country, but this is a new product from Maybeline that just in Indonesia. Yep that’s the Gel liner. I know this Gel liner about a year or 2 years ago. And I got mine from Singapore which I asked my best friend to buy it for me. I got 2 color it’s in the black and brown but then I did move my make up storage couple time last year. And i lost my Maybeline gel liner  the brown one which I love.

So since I know it’s available in Indonesia I decided to try and buy it, and I did buy it last week I think, and I do a comparison with my black gel liner that I got from Singapore. So what I can tell the pot is look the same and the packaging a little bit different, what I got from my BFF is a clear box but what I got here is a card box. And the brush a little bit harsh. And the Singapore one is made in Korea but the Indonesia one is made from China. 

So far from what I remember from my lost maybeline gel liner the color are the same, the brown got a little bit shimmer in it. 
And here’s my swatch and what I think about this gel liner.

They are very pigmented compare to my Stila Barbie gel liner. They did smudge on me *I have oily lids* but they easy to apply with, the brush pretty much good I used it to apply it. After all I really love this gel liner. But you have to be careful after you apply it do not rush open you lid, otherwise you’ll get some product to your upper lid. Other than that I recommended this product for you who just try gel liner, because they cheap and easy to use. The price it’s about 9$ in Indonesia, I don’t know the price at Singapore or other country, I’ll have to check it latter.


  1. shell... haloo.... me pinkyrose FD.. hehe, akhirnya liat juga penampakannya gel liner coklatnya maybelline, kmrn cari2 swatch nya... ternyata coklat nya coklat muda ya, gak kaya bayanganku yg kaya choc mousse nya MAD.... thx for the swtach, jadi ada bayangan buat beli... soale di sini gak ada tester dan kemasannya gak boleh di buka. hiks....

    btw, follow blog aku juga ya shell... walopun masih newbie... hehe.thx

  2. @Rani, alamak lupa bales x_x..
    ga terang" amat sih coklatnya tapi kalo di pake masih ketawuan kalo dia coklat. yang aku suka dia ada sparklenya dikit jadi ga plain coklat gitu ajah :D
    done and follow :D


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