My 1st Pink Wednesday - Breast Cancer Awareness

This post suppose to be yesterday on Wednesday, i already schedule it and i don't know why blogger wont post it! grr..

hello guys, this a special post for me, this is my 1st pink Wednesday post and breast cancer post.
im so excited about this post but im gonna keep it short :).

i'm going to do a several breast cancer awareness for couple of days, i still thinking about the design, and it's a little bit hard for me because i haven't done any nail art for a long time! and i forgot how stressful and fun doing that! and im in the progress back to nail art mood.

so my design is simple, i just used the OPI breast cancer Pink Shatter, for the base i used the OPI Steady as she rose a pale pink lavender color, then i applied the Pink shatter and on top on that i applied OPI I Lilly love you for the flakes effect. and i added a bow on my ring finger, i got the bow decal from BornPrettyStore

have a great day, and thanks for reading my blogs :)


  1. Not a fan of Shatters/Crackles at all - but this pink one seems to be a bit thinner and not look like rubber tire tracks burned across a nice mani! And also since it's for BC - being a 2X now survivor (though it's got me in my bones from spreading now), I am a huge supporter of the various BC awareness campaigns.

  2. @beachgal, you should try the pink, very pretty and easy to work with. compare to the gold and blue shatter. i still have problem applying those.

  3. the color looks pretty and gorgeous!! unfortunately not really a fan of shatter as it can look messy somehow haha

  4. @Stella lee, that's the point of shatter polish i think :). thanks btw

    @Ashley, thank you :), glad that you like it :D


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