31 Day Challenge! Day 07- Black and White Nails

so taday is day 07 which kinda special to me, because i just bought a new Domain for my blog. now im in transition, the name of my blog will be www.polishwonderlandby-shella.com so im very happy now. and this is im showing you guys that im serious with my blog and promise i'll do more post and try to post every day.

so black and white, i have a hard time decided what kind design i want, and i did this design twice! one with black base and i stamp it with white polish, and turns out i don't like it, so i remake it with white polish as the base and stamp it with the black. the problem is i HATE applying white nail polish as the base, because i cant make it even or neat. so i kinda paint all my cuticle this time hahaha..

so here's my black and white nail design


  1. You can't go wrong with black and white houndstooth!
    Your stamping is very neat!

  2. @marta, oh that's how you guys call it? houndstooth? hahahha.. thanks btw


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