31 Day Challenge! Day 08 - Metalic Nails

im super happy with my nails today because i have the chance to wear my unused nail polish and i love the combination of it.

Today challenge is the metalic nail so i chose China Glaze Metalic muse from the khrome collection and im so happy that i still can buy this nail polish this year with reasonable price! thanks to my local beauty supply here, and i wanted the other from this collection.

Metalic Muse is a blue green metalic nail polish, this is super fast dry that's why i have a little bit problem applying it. the key is you have to apply it as fast as you can, so that plus and minus point for this nail polish. i love the color, i love the finish look, so shiny.

then i decided to layer it over the China Glaze metal crackle Haute Metal, this is the fun part. after i did the layering the Metal muse look like a purple in some lightning, that's why i really love the combination.

i know the crackle look so bad, that's my mistake! i put super thin layer all over the nail, i don't know if this crackle will be that sheer! so i suggest you to apply it supper thick also to get a better crackle. in some point i like china glaze crackle than OPI, i think China glaze easier to apply.


  1. Wow!! that silver is stunning!! & I think I might have to try this 31 day challenge even though I dont have a chance of finishing in 31 days lol

  2. @prettyFulz, it's actually blue green Metalic :)
    you should do this challenge it's fun :D


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