Fairy Water Lens Review

TGIF! well some of you still gonna be happy to say that, but im in the holiday mode so im not that happy or crazy with TGIF for the next 2 weeks :). so today i wanted to do a review about lens, well i've been buying 2 lenses last week for my cousin wedding.

at first i got the EOS Blythe in Pink, which i'll review next time or in a couple days from now, and why i suddenly have to buy the 2nd lenses. so the 2nd Lenses is called Fairy Water from Miss eye. i never heard about this brand before but i really like the lens design so i decided to give it a try. 

*all picture taken indoor + with flash *

Diameter : 17.8mm
water content  : 45%
life Span : 1 years

my opinion abiut this lens is that, it is really comfortable for my eyes, and doesn't hurt my eye. more important this lens so thin than the other lenses i've try maybe that's what make this lens very comfortable. so yes im going to buy other pair from this brand again. 


  1. banget :) dan nyaman banget di pakenya:D
    recommended banget

  2. Ini Fairy lens yang warna biru-kah, Kak? :D

  3.  hallo Pinky, ini yang ungu aku belinya :)


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